What is & How Revenue Optimization is achieved

Revenue optimization  is the process of strategically managing pricing, demand networks, inventory distribution, combined with marketing strategies to maximize revenue growth. It involves taking a tactical, analytical approach to your pricing—requiring analysis of your price points and sales channels.

In order to optimize your revenue, you need to individually optimize each of these factors that contribute to your revenue. Turning your attention to the following points will influence your ability to maximize your digital advertising revenue.

Data collection & Analysis

There is an overwhelming amount of data out there to be had. Data that can help you manage your inventory more efficiently, where at the end of the day is the key, to achieving revenue optimization.

Know your users

Combine user testing tools and trackers like Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and Google Tag Manager that monitor activity on each of your pages, buttons, pages, images, etc. to gather data on how people are using your website, in order to identify the best advertising placements and what changes need to be made to optimize revenue.

Demand: Programmatic Vs Ad Network

Programmatic is buying digital advertising space automatically, with computers using data to decide which ads to buy and how much to pay for them.
Ad Network on the other hand is a media company that sells inventory across a range of publisher sites to advertisers at a set price. Ad networks work directly with publishers to sell ad impressions that a publisher has not directly sold. It is not programmatic.

Picking the right Revenue streams while Maximizing Competition

By analyzing your data, you will be able to choose between your demand channels, who performs best, in which advertising type, placement, device, region and so on. Being able to have a partnership with multiple advertising networks enables you to run A/B test in order to make the best inventory allocation possible. Auction pressure means intensifying an auction by increasing competition amongst buyers in order to prompt higher bids for the impressions. Auction pressure, and is the ongoing procedure of revenue optimization.

Ad Technology Opt-in

Programmatic buyers are allowed to use many ad technology vendors that use tools such as ad servers, research technologies, and remarketing. Partners certified by Google are opted-in by default. By opting in to try other third-party ad tech companies, publishers can explore the opportunities for revenue growth being offered by these independent tech providers.

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